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Ottawa Branch is one of 29 Branches of Ontario Ancestors (formerly known as Ontario Genealogical Society – OGS). The Ottawa Branch is “responsible” for Carleton, Lanark, Renfrew, Prescott and Russell Counties in Ontario. The Branch consists of members who seek and share information about family history. Its mission is:

“To encourage, assist and bring together all those interested in the pursuit of family history.”

If you want to discover more about your family origins, or how and where to locate information about your ancestors, hundreds of our members will be there to help you.

Web sites such as this one are supported by a group of volunteers.

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4 Comments on “Ottawa Branch

  1. Hi
    I am trying to locate a copy of book “The Morphys of Morphys Falls”
    appreciate any help or direction you can offer.
    my grandfather was Wilbert Morphy from Carleton Place.
    thank you

  2. Hi
    My name is Mardi Babcock. I live in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I am trying to develop my family tree. As both parents were only children, illegitimate and did not know who their fathers were, it has been difficult – but I have determined who those men were. Now I’m trying to find my maternal grandmother’s father and mother. My grandmother was born in Ontario and orphaned by the time she was 3. I found her marriage registration from 1901 and it said her maiden name was Fitzner (that is not a name that was in my list of names associated with her life). Then we looked for Fitzner and found 3 children by that name in an orphanage in Algoma, Ontario from the 1891 census and the youngest was Rose, which was my grandmother’s name. Many searches later I found 5 Fitzner brothers immigrated to Canada in 1871 and were living in Wilberforce, Renfrew with a family named Servey. There were 4 Servey people and 5 Fitzner boys in that home and all of them were born in Germany (I have no idea if they were related). That is the only reference I can find for any of the Fitzner boys. I cannot find any marriages, census records, deaths or burials or emmigration records for any of those boys; nor can I find anything in the Us records for them either. The one I’m most interested in is Julius, who is listed as a tailor and that is what my grandmother said her father did.

    All this to get to a book called “Cemeteries of Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County, Ontario” which you have the credit of publishing. My library does not have a copy, nor do they have the ability of ordering it in from another library. So my question would be, “How can I get an ecopy of this book, please?”

    I can be reached at the enclosed email and I sincerely appreciate any help you may be able to give. Thanks

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