Members At Large

The Board has approved the establishment of two Member-at-Large positions on the Ottawa Branch Board. These positions are intended to introduce new people to the Board.  They are assigned no duties but are to come to the Board meetings and be part of the discussion. They have voting privileges.

The Member-at-Large will be elected/acclaimed in the same fashion as other Board members at the Annual General meeting, so the membership has a say in who gets the positions.  Members-a-Large have to be members of the Branch.  Hopefully, as they learn more about Ottawa Branch, they will see tasks where they feel their talents and interests could be used.

MEMBER-AT-LARGE (maximum two serving at one time)

  1. Attends Board meetings, participates in discussion and votes on items requiring decisions.
  2. Is accountable to the Board for assignments and submits reports when requested.
  3. Attends the Branch Annual General Meeting, whenever possible.
  4. Submits an annual budget to the treasurer for initial review and inclusion in the Branch budget which is approved by the Branch Board of Directors
  5. Seeks prior approval for any expenses and submits claims for reimbursements with receipts to the Branch Treasurer as soon as possible.
  6. Prepares an annual report for the Branch AGM and other reports when requested by the Board or the Provincial Office.
  7. Must be a member of OGS
  8. Surrenders all documents, records and property of the Branch to his/her successor or the Board on termination of office.

Time required per week on average: one hour.

Term of office: one year; may be re-elected nine times, for a maximum service of ten consecutive years.

Report to: Ottawa Branch Board.

The Board can appoint a volunteer to the Member-At-Large position to serve until the next general meeting. If you are interested, please contact the Chair at [email protected]