The Ontario Name Index (TONI)

Volunteers Are Needed

Ottawa Branch is participating in OGS’ The Ontario Name Index (TONI) by adding the genealogies, family histories, scrapbooks and other relevant publications found in the Branch Library and the City of Ottawa Archives. As of March 2023, we have added almost 758,000 names

TONI has the goal of including every name found in any historical or genealogical publication relating to Ontario, indicating where information about that person can be found.  TONI will point people in the right direction to locate information about their person of interest in Ontario.  The location may be a Branch document, a web site, a microfilm, a family history, an archive, etc.  The index is on the public part of the OGS website so that anyone can access it. TONI should make OGS and Branch resources more visible and thus generate additional revenue and members. The information previously in the Ontario Cemetery Ancestor Index (OCAI) has been moved into TONI (as of Jan 2023, 45% of the cemeteries in Ontario have been included, or 3 million names). The names in the Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Index (OGSPI) will eventually be linked to TONI. All Branches and SIGS have been requested to appoint a Branch TONI coordinator who will seek and assist volunteers to input data into files that will be loaded into TONI. The coordinators will have copies of the TONI Indexing Instructions that provide the information needed by volunteers to begin working. TONI can be found on the OGS website at .

For more information on this project or to volunteer please email the Provincial TONI coordinator at [email protected].

The Ottawa Name Index remains on-line. Click on Ottawa Name Index to search the index.

TONI Documents can be found on the Ontario Ancestors TONI Volunteer Information page