Ottawa Name Index

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Prior to 2011, volunteers created a Name Index to some of the genealogies, family histories and other relevant books found in the Branch Library. This was done to assist genealogists and family history researchers world-wide in finding their ancestors in documents and publication. This information has now been included in OGS’ TONI Project. An index of names referenced in the Ottawa Branch newsletters is available here.

If you would like to participate in TONI, see The Ontario Name Index (TONI)

You will be assign one of the printed genealogies or family histories in the Branch Library; You will read through it page by page and each name is entered into a computer program (spreadsheet) using a standard set of instructions which can be found on our website. This work can be done, a couple of hours at a time at the Ottawa Branch Library, which is located in the City of Ottawa Archives at 100 Tallwood Drive. Once a genealogy has been completed, the computer file is given to the Index coordinator for review.

City of Ottawa Archives Reference Room hours: Please refer to this page for library information.