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This is a transcription of the memorials in the Protestant Cemetery in Thurso, Papineau County, Quebec. The cemetery is known as Thurso Protestant Cemetery and is located on the west side of Galipeau St at the north end of the town of Thurso. Apparently it has been used by the Baptist congregation of the town and the United Church people (formerly Methodist or Presbyterian) the only Protestant churches in the town. The Baptist church was recently torn down. The United Church now operates only as a French Protestant church. An old document from 1861 apparently shows that the land was donated to the Protestant community by John Fraser for a “Protestant burrying ground” (Thurso was formerly known as Fraserville.)

Lois and Al Martin transcribed the cemetery in the past couple of years (with checking by two other people) and they would like to make the transcription readily available to researchers. (January 2004)

This page leads to the index to the memorial inscriptions for the Thurso Cemetery. In addition to looking for the surname as you know it, you should check the “Odd” names.

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