MacGillivray Cemetery, Lochaber/Thurso, Quebec

This data was prepared by the the Association responsible for the preservation of the cemetery. any queries can be directed to the webmaster who will forward them to the correct authority.

ArnoldMary2024.11.1904? Wife of Daniel Dupuis70th year
ArthursInfant718.05.1942Son of Ralph & Alberta Arthurs
ArthursRalph5107.09.189426.09.1973Husband of Alberta Arthurs79 years
CarsonJames1112.03.182627.07.1888Husband of Margaret McKenzie Carson
CarsonJames R.4104.12.1889Husband of Mary Booth Carson90 years
CarsonMargaret McKenzie1115.05.182404.11.1894Wife of James Carson
CarsonMary Ann Small44?.03.1836Wife of William Carson33 years
CarsonMary Booth4131.03.1881Wife of James R. Carson72 years
CarsonWilliam41?.09.1860Son of JR & M Carson21 years
CarsonWilliam4408.03.1873Husband of Mary Ann Small Carson82 years
CummingsAble W.2309.04.184609.02.1934Husband of Elespy Carson Cummings
CummingsAlberta Margaret22.06.189631.10.1995
CummingsBeartice Boyd2316.09.187416.06.1877Son of E.C. & A.W. Cummings
CummingsCasey Warren22??.1888??.1951
CummingsElespy Carson2304.10.184911.06.1923Wife of Able W. Cummings
DoleElizabeth McGillivray2526.02.1890Wife of Albert Dole29th year
DupuisDaniel2013.03.1912? Husband of Mary Arnold80th year
HardyAlexander3106.12.1877Father of Alice Maud Hardy44th year
HardyAlice Maud3101.05.1876Daughter of Alexander Hardy4 mos.
HardyEliphalet33?.03.180725.07.1892Husband of Margaret Goutier86th year
HardyMargaret Goutier (Gauthier)3212.10.180614.03.1881Wife of Eliphalet Hardy74 years
HardyMary Ann Carson2115.03.1878Wife of Joseph Hardy30th year
JayMary Wellings37?. 04.1877Wife of William Jay
KingGrant S.5206.06.190218.06.1976Husband of Yvonne M. Gibeault King74 years
KingHarvey T.5409.07.189721.03.1988Son of John & Jennie King90 years
KingJennie Florence McGillivray327.01.187202.06.1949Wife of J.A. King
KingJohn Arthur317.06.186614.12.1943Husband of J. F. McGillivray King
KingJohn Campbell125.06.190829.03.1963Husband of Craig Gardner
KingYvonne M. Gibeault52??.1921??.1983Wife of S. Grant King
MacGillivrayAlexander3010.07.1910Husband of Fidelia Flynn MacGillivray68 years
MacGillivrayBaby30?.09.189511 days
MacGillivrayEdith30?.06.1895Daughter of A. & D. McGillivray6 years
MacGillivrayFidelia Flynn3021.03.1925Wife of Alexander MacGillivray71 years
MacGillivrayGeorgine3008.02.192547th year
MarshallFrederick Gibson215.06.190224.07.1959Husband of R.K. Marshall57 years
MarshallRita King212.02.189913.02.1986Wife of F.G. Marshall87 years
McAteeAnnie Emily Steen3413.05.1896Wife of Peter McAtee37th year
McAteeGeorgie Elizabeth3806.11.1877 or 1822Daughter of Patrick & Roxey McAtee18 years
McAteeInfant34Daughter of Patrick & Roxy McAtee
McAteeLouisa4622.05.1867Daughter of P & R McAtee20 years
McAteePatrick34?.01.1886Husband of Roxy Weston McAtee75th year
McAteePeter3423.07.1901Husband of A.E. Steen McAtee47th year
McAteeRoxy Weston34?.12.1890Wife of Patrick McAtee71st year
McAteeWilliam Henry3407.09.1883Son of Patrick & Roxy McAtee1st year
McCormickWilliam1214.01.188435th year
McGillivrayAdlade Mary3603.03.1862Daughter of Daniel & Catherine McGillivray10 mos.
McGillivrayAlexander3619.01.1864Son of Daniel & Catherine McGillivray19th year
McGillivrayAlma2926.02.1871Daughter of A. & D. McGillivray11 mos., 10 days
McGillivrayAsa8??.1878??.1949Husband of Etta Stickler
McGillivrayBessie612.09.1894Daughter of James & Jennie McGillivray4 yrs., 8 mos.
McGillivrayCarrie2901.10.1887Daughter of A. & D. McGillivray8yrs., 3 mos., 10 days
McGillivrayDaniel2818.01.1914Husband of Mary Ward Blair McGillivray69th year
McGillivrayDaniel3517.10.188058 years
McGillivrayEdward506.02.1893Husband of E. McGillivray36th year
McGillivrayElizabeth414.05.1924Wife of Edward McGillivray63rd year
McGillivrayEsther8??.1927??.1927Infant Daughter of A. & E.S. McGillivray
McGillivrayEtta Stickler8??.1890??.1991Wife of Asa McGillivray
McGillivrayFindley2613.01.1886Son of Daniel & Georgina McGillivray3 yrs., 5 mos., 13 days
McGillivrayGeorge1311.03.185422.09.1926Son of John and Matilsa Grant McGillivray
McGillivrayGeorgine McLellan2701.07.18911st Wife of Daniel McGillivray29th year
McGillivrayHandlen10??.1883??.1955Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Flynn McGillivray
McGillivrayIgnatia1606.03.1910Daughter of Joseph & Mary Ann McGillivray20 yrs., 3 mos.
McGillivrayInfant27?.03.1889Son of Daniel & Georgine McGillivray
McGillivrayIsabella1723.03.1881Daughter of Joseph & Mary McGillivray1 yr., 2 mos.
McGillivrayIsabella3605.05.1869Daughter of Daniel & Catherine McGillivray20th year
McGillivrayJennet3626.09.1880Daughter of Daniel & Catherine McGillivray21st year
McGillivrayJohn915.05.1952Husband of Lilly Weston McGillivray81st year
McGillivrayJohn1425.05.1887Husband of Matilda Grant McGillivray74th year
McGillivrayJoseph1925.02.1922Husband of Mary Ann Flynn McGillivray82nd year
McGillivrayLilly Weston908.05.187604.01.1961Wife of John McGillivray
McGillivrayMargaret2429.09.1902Daughter of John and Matilda Grant McGillivray59th year
McGillivrayMary Ann Flynn18, 1923.12.1918Wife of Joseph McGillivray73 yrs., 9 mos.
McGillivrayMary Ward Blair2824.02.185805.01.19412nd Wife of Daniel McGillivray
McGillivrayMatilda Grant1520.12.1907Wife of John McGillivray92nd year
McKenzieDonald4217.08.1845Husband of Isabella McKenzie46 years
McKenzieIsabella4228.07.1871Wife of Donald McKenzie71 years
StrakaMichael Vladimir5322.02.192103.09.1986Husband of Dawn Marshall65 years
TorneyRuth Lillian Arthurs5508.07.193621.01.2002Daughter of Alberta & Ralph Arthurs65 years
WellingsAnn McAtee3708.03.1850Wife of Henry Wellings40 years
WellingsAnn McAtee47??.1850Wife of Cory Wellings
WellingsEliza Ann3727.04.18503 years
WellingsHenry3704.12.1866Husband of Ann McAtee78 years
WellingsJames3715.02.186125 years
WestenBenjamin4924.12.1863Son of Shuble Westen31 years
WestenLouisa4805.12.185656 years
WestenShuble4907.08.1863Father of Benjamin Westen76 years
39, 40, 43, 45Rocks
unmarked gravesUnder the orange lillies and lilac tree