Ottawa Branch

Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society/Ontario Ancestors just celebrated its 50th anniversary!  Ottawa Branch is “responsible” for Carleton, Lanark, Renfrew, Prescott and Russell counties in Ontario.  Our mission is “to encourage, assist and bring together all those interested in the pursuit of family history” whether they are interested in the aforementioned counties, or any other location. 

Ottawa Branch has a large reference library at the City of Ottawa Archives at 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa with books, maps, family histories, scrapbooks, CDs, and periodicals about Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States – and a few other places.  The Library collection is searchable by going to .  As well as books on places, the Ottawa Branch Library includes how-to books on all aspects of genealogy from reading old handwriting, to heraldry, to self-publishing, to source citations, the list is endless! 

Ottawa Branch holds monthly meetings (except July and August) and you can see our schedule at – which includes the meetings of various Special Interest Groups (SIGs) based in Ottawa.

Ottawa Branch has also published numerous booklets containing cemetery transcriptions, birth/marriage/death notices from newspapers, censuses, and church records.  To see a complete list of all of Ottawa Branch’s publications, see our publisher Global Genealogy’s site at

And finally, thank you for attending Ottawa Branch’s 35th Gene-O-Rama – and its first ever virtual one!