Ottawa Branch of Ontario Ancestors thank MyHeritage for their participation in Gene-O-Rama 2021

MyHeritage is a place to build and grow your family tree.  You can make instant discoveries based on the family trees already there or by researching their millions of historical records.  MyHeritage also has a great photo enhancer to sharpen your blurry images and colourize your black & white photos at  You can even see how-to videos about the process at Don’t forget the free downloadable mobile app at

Have you heard about is building a collaborative world family tree.  Using the over 150 million interconnected profiles, is stitching them together to build a one-world family tree.  With over 200 volunteer curators helping to protect the integrity of historical family trees with well-sourced documentation, you can discover many new relatives!

Did you hear about the 24-hour webinar marathon hosted by MyHeritage and Legacy Family Tree webinars?  On April 8-9, 2021, you are invited to join their FREE 24 hours of uninterrupted lectures on all aspects of genealogy with well-respected lecturers like Janice Nickerson, Daniel Horowitz, Gena Philibert-Ortega, Kathryn Lake Hogan, Lianne Kruger, Cyndi Ingle, and many more!  Go to and register today!

Are you aware that MyHeritage has its own Knowledge Base free to everyone?  You can view how-to videos about MyHeritage and its many features.  You can view videos by respected genealogy lecturers on a variety of topics, based into three categories:  Family Tree, Research, and of course, DNA!  Knowledge Base also have over 90 articles on different aspects of genealogy and even one on their new software called Deep Nostalgia to animate your family photos!  Visit to increase your Knowledge Base!