Genealogy Back to Basics

Welcome to Genealogy Back to Basics. This page will keep you up to date on our exciting series of training sessions on Genealogy Back to Basics.

Ottawa Branch OGS offers a genealogical education session prior to the monthly presentation. Genealogy: Back To Basics includes a short (30-45 minute) lecture on a genealogical topic, followed by a Question and Answer session with Ottawa Branch members. If you are new to family history research or need a refresher, come out and join us. The sessions are held on a Saturday at 10:30am in Room 115 of the City of Ottawa Central Archives. Coffee and tea will be available throughout the morning. There is no charge for the session and all are invited to return at 1:00pm for the monthly presentation. Check our calendar at for details on the morning and afternoon presentations.

There is no charge for the session and all are invited to return at 1:00pm for the monthly presentation (check our calendar for details).

Speakers: We are always looking for local genealogists who are willing to give a Genealogy Back to Basics presentation in 2016. There is no reimbursement other than all the tea and coffee that you can drink as well as the appreciation of your fellow hobbyists. If you are interested in participating, contact Mike More at



Getting Started

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